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Hello! In this article you will learn how to download and install the plugin Performance Lab on your WordPress website in 2024.
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Discover also all the technical information of the Performance Lab plugin, the most frequently asked questions… In summary, all the information you may need to install the plugin on your website.
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Experience a powerful boost in your website’s performance with the Performance Lab plugin, an array of modules focused on enhancing your site’s speed and efficiency. Many of these modules could integrate into WordPress’s core structure, paving the way for a smoother and faster user experience.

The Performance Lab plugin allows you to activate and test individual modules. This unique feature empowers you to explore the benefits of each module before they become part of the WordPress core. Additionally, your feedback can contribute to further refining these solutions, helping to shape an ever-evolving platform that strives to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced digital environment.

In its current version, the Performance Lab plugin includes several high-impact performance modules:

  1. Dominant Color Images: This innovative module stores the dominant color of freshly uploaded images, allowing the creation of a placeholder background of the same hue. This process enriches your site’s visual appeal while enhancing load times and keeping the user engaged.
  2. Fetchpriority: The Fetchpriority module speeds up the loading of your page’s primary image content. By adding a fetchpriority indication, it ensures that the key images load quickly, delivering a smoother visual experience to your audience.
  3. WebP Compatibility: This module adds a compatibility check for WebP in the site health status. By ensuring your site supports this modern image format, you can reap the benefits of improved image loading times and superior visual quality.
  4. WebP Uploads: Whenever you upload a new JPEG image, this module automatically creates a WebP version if your hosting is compatible. This not only optimizes image loading but also saves valuable storage space.
  5. Queued Resource Audit: This module checks the CSS and JS resources in your site’s health status, helping to prevent potential bottlenecks and ensure the smooth rendering of your website’s design and functionality.
  6. Automatically Loaded Options Audit: By checking the automatically loaded options in your site’s health status, this module helps you maintain optimal performance and avoid unnecessary load on your site’s resources.
  7. SQLite Integration: This feature allows your website to use an SQLite database instead of MySQL, offering a lighter, more efficient alternative for data storage and retrieval.

Unlock your WordPress site’s potential with the Performance Lab plugin and experience the transformative effect of these innovative performance modules. By focusing on each aspect of your site’s performance, you can create a faster, more user-friendly experience that will delight your visitors and keep them coming back for more. The future of WordPress performance is here, and it’s waiting for you in the Performance Lab.

Technical information

In addition to learning how to download and install the Performance Lab plugin on your WordPress, we will share with you the most complete, necessary, and up-to-date technical information to correctly install the plugin on your website.

In this section, you can check the plugin’s compatibility with WordPress version, PHP version, language, number of installations…

This step is of utmost importance before starting the installation of any plugin. By reading this simple table, you can avoid compatibility issues on your website.

Name: Performance Lab

Plugin Version: 2.1.0

Language: English

Downloads: +80.000

Version of PHP: 6.2

Version of Wordpress: 6.1

Step-by-step installation

Installing the Performance Labin WordPress is a very simple process. You will need to follow the following steps:
1 Click on the ''Download plugin'' button to install the Performance Lab plugin on your computer.

2 Go to the "Plugins" section of your WordPress.

3 Click on the "Add New" button.

4 Next, click on "Upload Plugin".

5 Upload the .zip file of the Performance Lab plugin to the "Select File" box. Once ready, click on "Install Now" to install the plugin on your WordPress.
6 Click on "Activate Plugin" to activate the Performance Lab plugin.
Done, that’s how simple it is to install the Performance Lab plugin on your WordPress.

Download File

After learning all about Performance Lab, it’s time to download the plugin.

Click the following button to start the download:

Download Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Lab is a WordPress plugin focused on improving the performance and speed of your website.

Performance Lab improves the speed of your site through various modules, such as image optimization, priority content loading, and queued resource auditing.

Yes, Performance Lab is designed to handle and optimize the performance of sites of any size.

Yes, by improving the speed and performance of your site, Performance Lab can indirectly contribute to search engine optimization (SEO).

This feature allows your site to use an SQLite database instead of MySQL, which can be more efficient in certain cases.

Other versions of Performance Lab

Are you looking for another version of Performance Lab for your WordPress? Click on the plugin version you want to download.



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